Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working intensely between the mediums of paint, clay and glaze, a convertion into a fluid connection occured While the two dimensional and three dimensional surfaces are different, colors bending and pushing against the clay or canvas have become surprizingly similiar. I wasn't thinking about it. Maybe that's good: some intuitive process. The web site shows more samples of this connection here

First Light, painted in copper and greys, was started as our very delayed spring arrived. The light changed quickly with the vernal equinox and so did the painting. By turning it and painting into it from different sides the palette loosened and brought it closure in a way I could not have anticipated. Spring was beautuful. Tomorrow it is off to a show in Newfane, Vermont.


36"x36", acrylic, gold leaf

Dissolution was painted in my imagination as I painted Resolution, or rather the idea of it pressed steadily while I worked on the first painting. Two canvasses are often created as diptychs where a balance is extended between two fields. This time the tension evolved mentally on the unpainted canvas and while the two are apparently different, they carry much of the same process of putting on and taking off paint. For details of the work see the web site where the process can be seen in more detail.


36"x36", acrylic, gold leaf

This is one of two paintings painted almost simultaneously. By that I mean the 2nd painting was in my mind as a counterpoint to this one and was begun almost the day that this one, Resolution, was finished. The title has little to do with literal resolving or ending. Rather it is what the painting speaks to: disparate elements that co mingle, stretch and relax with each other. Resolution. Dissolution. Like many of the other works that you can see on my web site, this one had perhaps two thirds of it taken out and scraped down to a more spare, essential work.


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