Sunday, April 18, 2010

When this pot emerged from the kiln, it seemed as if I had seen it's surface before in a deep, water carved pool or under water with small pebbles scattered on the sand. Before the kiln, there is no precise way of knowing what the result will be so the expression begins before the fire, without really seeing but sensing. There are more like this here.

Chop wood

Carry water

Many bowl carvings are meditative or favorite inspirational lojongs. Others are culled from poems by myriad poets such as Sappho to Herbert to Whitman, Frost, Ruth Stone, our Vermont State poet (almost 95!), and many others. Some are commissioned by friends.

This line, taken from Chard deNiord's poem "Sleeping Lessons", is one of several that are carved or scrafittoed onto rims or into the inner curves of bowls.

(Did I mention commissions welcome?)


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