Saturday, May 01, 2010

The edge of a fourteen inch bowl. Lichen, frost, melt, decay, burn, rust, observations of organic processes, influence the painting into these large curved forms.The pot can be seen in full here.

Interior surfaces of pots, textured and layered with glazes, inform new paintings on canvas. Heat melts the glaze which responds to the curves or grooves, pooling or sliding on the form. The process is intuitive but also requires a leap, not knowing how the final result will emerge from the kiln. This same intuitive leap occurs particularly when I am confounded by a painting. Rotating the canvas, changing the light that I physically paint in, using a different knife to apply paint, all allow for the unexpected.

The Practice

acrylic, diptych

Red dominated this painting through out the winter of 2010. Then one day in late February as the light was shifting and days were getting a little longer, 3/4 of the color particles were eliminated, a copper rectangle was embedded and red was absorbed into a metalic warm glaze. Now in May with sun and apple blossoms and birds and warmer days, this painting emanates its own light.


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